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Mayor's Office

Mayor Lightfoot boosts protection for immigrants, but collaboration between Chicago Police and ICE continues in criminal case

City ‘could have a mess on our hands’ if police don’t use every tool against violence: Lightfoot

Lightfoot pulls plug on her own plan to strip aldermen of total control over signs

Groups pushing for Obama Center CBA stage sit-in at mayor’s office

Drop in casino revenue, taxes underlines challenge for Lightfoot

Lightfoot accused of ‘smoke-and-mirrors’ plan for Woodlawn that ‘won’t protect anybody’ from Obama Center displacement

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls President Trump’s State of the Union address ‘offensive,’ says she was ready ‘to walk out’

Lightfoot urged to pull the plug on facial recognition technology

Chicago needs to license places where marijuana can be consumed on premises, mayor says

Mayor Lightfoot says Chicago will audit red-light cameras, won’t rip them all out following Sandoval bribery scandal