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City Council

Finance Committee approves Lightfoot’s $104.2 million package of taxes and fees

Dispensary lottery so white: With no black owners in the mix, Black Caucus could move to stall weed sales

Hospital quiet zone ordinance approved with softer language that resolves flap about aldermanic prerogative

Aldermen approve quiet zone ordinance dealing with Chicago hospitals, schools and libraries after fight over aldermanic prerogative

Tax revenue should go to affordable housing, not megadevelopments, aldermen say

Suburban businessmen linked to Ald. Carrie Austin involved in a property tax shell game

Hospital quiet zone ordinance stalls amid concern about aldermanic prerogative

Chicago aldermen propose their own changes to city lobbying rules

Chicago would require ride-share drivers to have Illinois driver’s licenses under City Council proposal

Senior veteran housing complex likely coming to the West Side after key vote