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Mayor's Office

Opinion: The teachers strike is not Lightfoot's fault

Mayor Lori Lightfoot refinancing city debt to save $200 million as part of this year’s budget

End CPS strike and go back to work while talks continue, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot asks teachers union. ‘Not going to happen,’ CTU responds.

Lightfoot expands payroll during hiring freeze

No choice but to raise property taxes if Springfield doesn’t help, Lightfoot says

Dining out in Chicago could get more expensive

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says ride-share tax hikes part of plan to address downtown traffic congestion ‘holistically’

Mayor’s gaffes won’t help Chicago get a lift from Pritzker and Springfield

Teachers strike is on; Lightfoot’s political honeymoon is over

Lightfoot hopes to raise $25 million by getting tough on tax-delinquent businesses