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Mayor's Office

Mayor Lori Lightfoot faces tough choices in tackling budget deficit up to $1 billion; ‘It’s a doable lift, it’s just not going to be politically easy’

How to watch Lori Lightfoot's state of the city address live

Chicago mayor, police superintendent announce new plan to track gun offenders

On 100th day, Lightfoot recaps progress and commits to prioritizing affordable housing

Critics call on Mayor Lori Lightfoot to keep campaign promises as she prepares to outline Chicago’s massive budget deficit

Community activists give Lightfoot a D for her first 100 days

Lightfoot orders citywide hiring freeze that includes police

Read the Lightfoot administration’s memo announcing a hiring freeze across city government

Lightfoot looks to Springfield for more taxing power on high-end services, home sales

The next phase of the city's environmental stewardship is in Lightfoot's hands