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Mayor's Office

Lightfoot breaks ground on biggest-ever CTA project, thanks to foundation laid by Rahm Emanuel

Editorial: Mayor Lori Lightfoot, you’ve offered a deal that’s more than fair. Don’t cave.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says taking part in U.S. census is ‘ultimate form of protest’ against President Donald Trump, wants to spend $2.7 million to boost Chicagoans’ participation

SEIU turns up heat on Lightfoot, says contract dispute could leave parents without safe alternative if teachers strike

Lightfoot not surprised or alarmed by CPS teachers strike authorization

Lightfoot announces amnesty, debt relief program for city sticker scofflaws

How can Chicago erase $838 million budget shortfall? Lightfoot asks aldermen for ideas

Mayor Lightfoot joins protest outside ICE press conference

Lightfoot urged to replace ‘patchwork planning by aldermanic prerogative’ that perpetuates racial segregation

Lightfoot poll shows major shift in Chicagoans’ attitudes about their city