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Mayor's Office

Lightfoot leaves little doubt: Speaker Madigan must give up the gavel

Lightfoot says she’s ‘watched with great interest’ the ComEd case, will have more to say later on Madigan

Did Lori Lightfoot bet on Chicago teachers strike? Email lays out scotch-and-cigars wager, but mayor and top aide deny bet.

City to tap short-term borrowing market big-time

Editorial: Team Lightfoot’s lead foot a bad (and avoidable) look

Mayor Lori Lightfoot lays out plan for Chicago to provide Joliet with Lake Michigan water

Lightfoot offers $250K break to the Cubs after season without fans that cost the Ricketts family $100 million

Lightfoot accused of strongarm tactics on pandemic budget passage

Lightfoot asks Biden to work directly with mayors

Here's how Lightfoot wants to spend $3.7B on infrastructure