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Mayor's Office

GOP stalwart Skinner to lead Lightfoot's new recovery task force

Lightfoot proposes lifeline for airport concessionaires

Lightfoot proposes 'anti-retaliation' law to protect workers during COVID-19

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s opponents block COVID-19 measure giving her extraordinary spending powers for Chicago’s pandemic response

Lightfoot wins emergency spending and contracting authority through pandemic

Lightfoot awards $7.5 million in funding to Chicago community groups as they fight two battles: COVID-19 and uptick in violence

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says Illinois stay-at-home order could extend into June

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot rips Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for reopening beaches: ‘God help us all’

Ex-mayoral candidate Willie Wilson wants City Hall coronavirus deals; Lori Lightfoot says no

Lightfoot claps back at Trump over lack of coronavirus tests, protective equipment available to states