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About Us

The Daily Whale is a comprehensive online information service for businesses and professionals with a significant stake in government actions. Our subscribers include large and small companies and executives, government relations firms, lawyers, lobbyists and non-profit organizations.

Launched in 2011, the Daily Whale is designed to consolidate industry news, procurement information and election data into one, simple to use space.  We provide detailed coverage of public meetings; original reporting; aggregation of government, business and political news; and a database of the latest public bid opportunities and government contracts in Chicago, Cook County and the State of Illinois. 

Our website and morning and afternoon newsletters form an indispensable resource for our subscribers, helping them identify new opportunities, keep track of changes in the laws and regulations affecting their industries, and make informed business decisions.


The Daily Whale helps me stay on top of current issues in business, government and politics that are affecting Illinois. The more knowledge I have about these issues the better I can represent my clients.

Jan Starr
Chicago Springfield Consultants


I appreciate the Daily Whale because it helps me keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening in government on a daily basis, which is important to the labor and employment services I provide to my firm’s employer clients.” 

Joseph Gagliardo
Laner Muchin



We accept opinion pieces regarding topics related to local government, business, and politics from members of these communities. If you would like to submit a piece, please contact us at info@dailywhale.com with a brief summary of the subject of the article.