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Archdiocese of Chicago requires vaccines, denies religious exemptions

Cupich: Religious vaccine exemptions go against church

COVID-19 update: 27,108 more shots, 18 more deaths, 4,904 new cases

Most of Chicago aldermen report being vaccinated as city’s COVID-19 cases keep rising

Chicagoans still not vaccinated urged to get COVID-19 shots before the expected rush for boosters begins in September

COVID-19 update: 26,214 more shots, 14 more deaths, 3,180 new cases

With fewer public nurses and a pandemic to deal with, Chicago relies on temp nurses agency in Florida

US health officials recommend booster shots for everyone against COVID-19

Here's how the vaccine rollout is going in Chicago

When is it a HIPAA violation to disclose proof of vaccination? More COVID-19 questions answered.