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COVID-19 update: 26,214 more shots, 14 more deaths, 3,180 new cases

With fewer public nurses and a pandemic to deal with, Chicago relies on temp nurses agency in Florida

US health officials recommend booster shots for everyone against COVID-19

Here's how the vaccine rollout is going in Chicago

When is it a HIPAA violation to disclose proof of vaccination? More COVID-19 questions answered.

All counties in Illinois except 1 seeing ‘substantial' or ‘high' covid transmission and should mask indoors, CDC says

Cook County Health requires employees to receive covid vaccines as ‘condition of employment'

COVID-19 update: 9,126 new cases, 136,998 more vaccine doses over weekend

Three of Chicago's largest health systems mandate COVID vaccines for workers

Dozens of Chicago bars and restaurants are only admitting vaccinated customers. How’s that going? And could the city mandate it as COVID-19 cases climb again?