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Tracking COVID-19 in CPS: Look up your school to see if cases have been reported since buildings reopened or in the past year

Parents group accuses Chicago Teachers Union of ‘moving the goalposts’ as it stages walkout over plan to reopen high schools Monday

High school teachers stay home as CPS, CTU work on reopening plan

Without a high school vaccine plan, Chicago Teachers Union plans remote work action Wednesday

St. Joseph High School in Westchester, former basketball powerhouse featured in ‘Hoop Dreams,’ announces closure

CPS ‘firmly committed’ to reopening high schools next week despite CTU’s threat to stay remote

CPS high school staff will refuse in-person work starting Wednesday without movement toward a reopening agreement, teachers union announces

Parents and unions call for boycott over schools’ plans for in-person standardized tests this spring: ‘A waste of our time’

Almost all Illinois schools have now resumed some in-person classes. But will rising COVID-19 numbers see districts close up again?

In-person learning this year gives schools a head start for planning next year