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Civic Federation heaps praise on City Colleges

State to help finance medical school for undocumented immigrants

The Illinois Finance Authority board passed a measure on Tuesday that will enable some undocumented immigrants to procure loans to attend dental and medical school in Illinois in exchange for practicing in underserved areas in the state following their residencies.

CPS cuts into schools’ cellphone tower cash deals

More than 1 million respond to first statewide education survey

District 230 launches four new websites Tuesday

LSC members organize against proposed 2013-14 CPS school budgets

A coalition representing approximately 30 Chicago Public Schools Local School Councils met on Tuesday morning at Blaine Elementary School to voice their displeasure with proposed 2013-14 CPS school budgets, which they say will result in major personnel cuts.

UNO had money for grand opening but not for contractors on state-funded charter school

CPS hires 245 to pack up, move closing schools

CHA teens learn to code

The Chicago Housing Authority on Tuesday kicked off a six-week class at the Illinois Institute of Technology that will teach computer coding to 20 high school students who live in public housing.

The program is part of an effort by CHA to participate in the larger “Summer of Learning” initiative put forth by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. It is also an opportunity for the housing authority to start partnering with higher education institutions.

“This is a college prep program,” explained CHA spokeswoman Cassandra Thiem. “We are trying to grow partnerships.”

CPS chooses meal provider, but competitor cries foul