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City Departments

Editorial: Was departing Inspector General Joe Ferguson an effective city watchdog? He was more like a pit bull.

Despite police union threat to ignore Friday’s vaccine status deadline, Mayor Lightfoot says rule will not be lifted, city warns of disciplinary action

Park District board taps former city business affairs commissioner Rosa Escareno as interim CEO in wake of Mike Kelly’s ouster

Embattled park district superintendent still has golden parachute contract — though district said it was terminated

Why Michael Kelly’s contract makes it difficult for the Park District to oust him over lifeguard abuse scandal

Watchdog completes probe of botched Anjanette Young raid, as he ends term

Chicago planning chief urged to 'do everything in your power' to keep Bears in city

Chicago’s Park District has hired high-priced consultants to deal with its lifeguard abuse scandal

Park District supervisor accused of relationship with underage lifeguard

Chicago workers could — for now — take a COVID-19 test instead of the vaccine, as unions push back on Lightfoot’s mandate