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Mayor's Office

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot rips Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for reopening beaches: ‘God help us all’

Ex-mayoral candidate Willie Wilson wants City Hall coronavirus deals; Lori Lightfoot says no

Lightfoot claps back at Trump over lack of coronavirus tests, protective equipment available to states

First Lori Lightfoot memes, now earrings and T-shirts — plus where to get the mask that she wears

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announces $68K in fines for demolition of former coal plant in Little Village that caused dust clouds

Lightfoot and ‘corrupt’ permit system that ‘perpetuates environmental racism’ blamed in Little Village demolition debacle

Lightfoot extends reprieve for motorists, businesses until June 1

Fact-check: Testing Lightfoot’s COVID-19 claim yields mixed results

Lightfoot backs up her COVID stance

Chicago making strides against coronavirus, data shows; Lightfoot says ‘we’re not where we need to get’