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City Council

Alderman asks for water-safety changes after 13-year-old's drowning, proposes task force

Chicago is still so segregated because aldermen are too powerful, study says

Ald. Reilly resurrects stalled plan to let merchants hire moonlighting cops

A-frame sandwich board signs are illegal in Chicago? They shouldn’t be, aldermen say

Donald Trump Jr. visited City Hall today about retail space in Trump Tower

Alderman wants lakefront underpass at Chicago Avenue closed overnight to end late-night partying in park

Ignoring Quinn appeal, City Council crowds term-limits question off the ballot

Congress Parkway or Wells Street not — Balbo — could be renamed for Ida B. Wells

Rahm Emanuel chooses veteran Ald. Matt O’Shea to head aviation committee

Aldermen agree to outlaw ‘prostitution-related loitering’