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City Council

Town hall set for Chinatown 'vision plan'

City Council committee approves 43 night games at Wrigley Field

The City Council Committee on License and Consumer Protection passed an ordinance Wednesday allowing the Chicago Cubs to hold up to 43 regular season night games next baseball season.

The amended legislation permits the Cubs to schedule 35 night games and allows the team to move up to eight scheduled day games to nighttime starts in order to meet Major League Baseball's television broadcast obligations. The measure would not allow the city to veto the team’s choices for the rescheduled night games, unlike an ordinance approved previously by the City Council.

Ald. Brendan Reilly eyes South Loop for casino, inventories changes to Loop

Beverly Arts Center fundraising gets boost from alderman's shift at KFC

Ald. Moreno calls on residents to vote in 'Inaugural 1st Ward Awards'

Future of Edgewater Dominick's stores could be known in 'next few weeks'

Emanuel’s budget sails through City Council

The City Council on Tuesday approved Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed $6.98 billion budget for 2014 by a vote of 45-5. The vote followed a low-key discussion on the council floor, with aldermen mostly praising the mayor and his budget team.

In remarks to the council, Emanuel on Tuesday said, “The budget does reflect the consensus about a strategy three years running.” Emanuel’s previous two budgets passed by margins of 50-0 and 46-3.


City moves to let Cubs sell beer in Wrigley Field plaza

Alderman upset about felony wait period for horse-drawn carriage license

New regulations on horse-drawn carriages trotted through a City Council committee Monday, but not before Alderman Walter Burnett (27th) slammed language that imposes a five-year waiting period before any convicted felon may operate a carriage.

“We have to give these people the opportunity to redeem themselves,” Burnett said of convicted felons. “Who wants to ride a horse in the freezing cold? If a guy who made a mistake can’t get that job, then we might as well put a gun in his hand and tell him to go out and rob people.”

Emanuel, alderman strike last minute deal on cigarette tax

The City Council Finance Committee on Monday agreed to decrease Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed cigarette tax increase from $0.75 per pack to $0.50 per pack. The move comes one day before aldermen vote on Emanuel’s proposed 2014 budget.

Under the budget amendment put forward by Emanuel’s office, the city makes up for the decrease in projected cigarette tax revenue by raising the fine for cars obstructing fire hydrants. Under Emanuel’s original budget proposal, such a fine increased from $100 to $110. With the revision, the penalty for a motorist obstructing a hydrant would be $150.