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City Council

Another day, another example of City Council balking at Lightfoot’s plan to chip away at aldermanic prerogative

Aldermanic opposition stalls two settlements tied to allegations of police wrongdoing

West Loop alderman’s message to weed dispensary owners: Get a black partner or don’t come to my ward

Ald. Gardiner backs down on push to change Six Corners SSA rules as aldermen advance budget

City Council’s Ethics Committee approves lobbying ban

Wrigley plaza rules extended to give Cubs, Tunney time to figure out how to relax them

Ald. Gardiner wants to change Six Corners SSA rules — which would force out woman who supported his political rival

Black aldermen will push to stall weed sales over lack of black dispensary owners at meeting Wednesday

A Meigs-style move now playing out on Madison

1 year after raid, much has changed for Ald. Ed Burke