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City Council

Want a city contract? Show us your taxes

Quincy station renovations will be funded entirely with TIF money

Emanuel vows fight against 'Big Tobacco'

Mayor Rahm Emanuel at Wednesday’s City Council meeting said he had fought against "Big Tobacco" throughout his lifetime as the chamber passed a law banning the sale of all flavored tobacco products within 500 feet of schools.

Emanuel warned that tobacco corporations would fight off further city regulations, such as a proposed ban on the use of e-cigarettes in public places that is currently in committee. “Next month, tobacco companies will come in and they will work you over,” Emanuel told aldermen.


Opinion: Office of Financial Analysis a must have for City Council

Aldermen back giving part of Sheffield, Waveland to Cubs

E-cigarette ban in public places smolders in committee

Members of the City Council’s Health and Finance committees decided during a joint meeting Monday to defer the vote on an ordinance banning “e-cigarettes” in public places where tobacco products are already banned, such as restaurants. The ordinance would also build on a state ban this year of e-cigarette sales to minors by imposing a $1,000 fine to retailers caught selling electronic cigarettes to minors.

Referendums for March ballot set without elected school board item

Chicago's City Council Finance Committee on Monday approved placing three non-binding referendums concerning taxi rates, high-capacity firearm magazines and guns in restaurants on ballots in Chicago for the upcoming March elections.   

Children's Memorial redevelopment meeting delayed again

PHOTOS: 1st Ward Awards combine community pride with friendly competition

Tunney cheers on changes to plans for Wrigley redevelopment

Members of City Council Zoning Committee on Thursday approved changes to plans for the massive redevelopment of Wrigley Field.

The newly-approved plans do not contain a previously proposed pedestrian bridge and call for the entrance to a new hotel to be located along a residential street instead of a commercial street, as pitched previously. Wrigleyville Alderman Tom Tunney (44th) – a one-time skeptic of the development – hailed the revised project as a “generational development” that will bring economic development and tax revenue to the city.