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Politics and Elections

New GOP candidate announces in Shimkus district

Warren's ill-timed insult to Chicago's new mayor

Pence to visit company run by Lake Forest GOP mega-donors Richard and Elizabeth Uihlein

Barrington District 220 pushing voter registration ahead of March referendum

Schneider hosts 'Congress on Your Corner' event Sunday

Chicago 'politicians can’t seem to live within their means,' 41st Ward GOP Committee candidate says

Commentary: ‘Texodus’ doesn’t bode well for Republicans going into 2020

In Chicago, Democratic presidential contender Cory Booker, lagging in polls, preaches unity

Buttigieg removes former Chicago attorney Steve Patton from fundraiser after backlash

President Trump using Chicago fundraiser to lure donors with chance for free trip, picture and to meet him: ‘I’ve saved two seats at lunch for YOU and a guest. Will you accept my invitation?’