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U.S. added 225,000 jobs in January; unemployment at 3.6%

Steven Mnuchin warns US growth may not hit 3% in 2020

Trump freezes Global Entry program that allowed air travelers to speed through security in New York over immigration dispute

Trump takes scorched-earth victory lap after impeachment acquittal, slamming Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi

Senate votes to acquit President Donald Trump of abusing his power in historic impeachment trial

Sen. Mitt Romney says he will vote to remove Trump on impeachment charge, citing ‘an appalling abuse of public trust’

Illinois' invited guests to President Trump’s State of the Union address

Trump faces accusers: What to watch during his big speech

Impeachment trial heads to historic end in frenetic week

2 key Republican senators reject efforts to call new witnesses as Senate weighs pushing off final acquittal in President Trump’s impeachment trial