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Illinois Supreme Court: Warrant needed for drug-dog search at apartment door

In fight over sanctuary city status, Chicago sues Trump administration for withholding millions in police funding

Rosebud Restaurants, EEOC settle class action over workplace sexual harassment charges

Class action: Apartment Management Consultants, landlords didn't offer Chicago ordinance summary in lease

Class action: Hundreds of Cook Sheriff officer suspensions invalid, because State's Attorney not involved

Van Dyke convicted of second-degree murder, aggravated battery for each of the 16 shots

Judge won't let class action proceed vs American Air over cancelled reservations for not early enough check-ins

Jury begins deliberations at Van Dyke's trial after prosecution and defense argue over evidence

Judge nixes $17.5M deal in collection calls class action vs Ocwen, says attorney fees too high

Appeals panel: Cook County judge wrong to toss class action vs LA Tan franchisee over customer finger scans