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Illinois Supreme Court invites Rauner to observe arguments

Illinois Supreme Court suspends lawyer who faked cab receipts

Judge agrees to move ex-Illinois legislator's sentencing

Court documents paint troubled picture of Farnham's past

Closings underway in Sacred Heart Hospital fraud trial

Judge rules park advocates' suit against Lucas museum can proceed

As Illinois hangs in the balance, its Supreme Court weighs a pension case

State faces skeptical questioning from justices on landmark pension law

Jesse White heading to college campuses to discourage fake ID use

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White plans to visit Illinois colleges next month to speak to young people about the consequences of using fake IDs to illegally buy alcohol or patronize bars.

While speaking during a Tuesday City Club of Chicago event, White stressed the importance of raising awareness about the penalties for minors caught with a fake ID. The charges related to fake ID use can include fraud and identity theft, crimes carrying penalties that include community service and up to three years in prison, White explained.


Lock up Ald. Brookins' former chief of staff for 15 months, feds say